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Artist Statement:

The following works are from a series of three dimensional narratives that examine the liminality of identity, by way of reflective screens and windows. Inspired by Jacques Lacan’s theory of “The Mirror Stage”  which suggests that identity is based in reflection, my work situates itself between mirrored abstractions and plausible reality. Through the layered use of reflective materials such as mirrors, metal, and metallic vinyl, my work simultaneously addresses and subverts the reflective gaze- challenging modes of representation within various but especially digital landscapes.

Artist Bio:

Kristyn McKinney is an emerging artist from Atlanta, whose current practice is based out of Detroit MI, at the Spread Art Detroit Contemporary Residency. She received her MFA from Pratt Institute in 2018, and her BFA from Spelman College. 

Often oscillating between painting, sculpture and collage, her work addresses observations of space, industrialism and the influences of technology within human discourse. 


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